How to secure your home against theft or burglary?

How to secure your home against theft or burglary?

Burglaries and theft are rising daily. As a result, families are increasingly worried about their safety due to the rise in residential crimes in India’s major cities. A thief can enter the house at any time, also Intruders often barge into one’s personal space in the guise of delivery boys, and several incidents like this have been reported to the police.

Crime statistics show that more than 5 lacs of theft cases are reported annually across India. However, due to a lack of evidence and legal awareness, many cases of theft and armed robberies are not even registered in India.

Security breaches, break-ins and thefts news are very common these days, but what are you really doing about it? In light of such dark events, upgrading one’s residential security seems to be the only solution. It is critical to use smart security solutions to safeguard your loved ones and assets. In this blog, we will go through the solutions you can incorporate to avoid theft and burglary, also we will see how Ezone’s security system helped one of our clients in a recent theft incident.


Security solutions for your home

Regardless of the size of your home, whether a flat or an independent house, these home security systems can provide protection for your family and valuables.


CCTV Surveillance

CCTV video surveillance is a crucial component of security systems that are often utilised in domestic settings. The main components of a CCTV system are cameras that record video images and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that allows remote viewing, recording, playing back, and access to the recorded video. This system is very essential in detecting any security breach and collecting evidence against the culprit.


Video Door Phones

Answer your doorbell at the convenience of your safety through your mobile phone. While the visitor can’t see you, you can see them and communicate with them. Monitor who is at the door before you open the door. This is the best way to prevent an incident from occurring.


Bio Door Locks

The design of each fingerprint is unique. A person’s fingerprint can be added to the biometric lock and stored in the system. Only then the person can enter the house once the fingerprint is accepted. This provides a solid barrier between your home and the intruder.


Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion alarms are efficient crime deterrents that use a variety of sensors to identify instances of forced entry, illegal access, and personal attack and then prompt a quick reaction by sounding an alert or notifying the relevant parties.

This image is from a recent theft incident that happened in Vijayawada at a gold store of one of our clients. The burglar alarm notified the owner, and the CCTV footage helped to identify the thief.

All these security solutions are very helpful in protecting your dear ones and your assets. Incorporate these safety solutions in your home today. Keep your guard up with Ezone’s solutions for residences of all scales. From single houses to gated communities to residential towers, we work with homeowners and developers at every level. We bring our proven track record of protecting some of the biggest names in India to create a residential security solution that fits your needs and budgets. Call us at 9848398483 or visit to shield your home and family.


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