Why Is a Fire Alarm System Necessary For Your Property?

One of the prudent things you can do to avoid a fire disaster is to install a fire alarm. Consider having a correctly designed and installed fire alarm system in your factory, office or residential building. Also, after installation, the periodic inspection & maintenance of fire alarms are very crucial, and they should be done in accordance with the Indian Standard, i.e. IS 2189.

A fire alarm system’s primary purpose is to detect fire as early as possible and to alert people of its presence through audio, before smoke, carbon, or other emergencies arise. These alarms can be activated automatically from the smoke detectors via fire alarm activation devices.

According to Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India (ADSI), fire accidents cause an average of 48 human deaths a day. That’s why a quick alert to the buildings is a must in case of a fire so that preventative measures can be taken and the fire can be contained.


Why Should You Install a Fire Alarm?

Consider yourself fortunate if you have never experienced a fire accident. All buildings and businesses must have a fire alarm system. Here are the reasons to have a fire alarm:

  • It detects fires and offers you an earlier warning.
  • It will notify you and assist with occupant evacuation.
  • It enables you to engage all auxiliary features, including smoke controls and lift homing.
  • It locates fire and directs firefighters.
  • It provides a timely warning that you can discover an escape route.
  • Your nostrils cannot detect smoke; a fire alarm system can.
  • During a fire emergency, a little window of time for evacuation can save your lives.
  • It provides an early warning of something that may be horrific and deadly, saving your life and possessions from a terrible circumstance.


Inspection and Maintenance of fire alarms should not be overlooked.

Installation of fire alarms is the first step in securing property and lives in the event of a fire, but you shouldn’t disregard the significance of routine fire alarm inspection and maintenance. According to IS 2189, the fire alarm code mandates weekly & quarterly visual inspections, more extensive semi-annual testing, and yearly inspections carried out by a certified fire expert. Here is what may occur if you neglect these necessary maintenance procedures:


  • Fire alarms tell emergency responders about the location of the incident. Firefighting operations might be delayed if this information distribution system’s flaw is uncovered.
  • False alarms might interfere with your routine and deploy fire vehicles to your area without a necessity.
  • In a fire, the alarm might malfunction and endanger people’s lives.
  • Your liability for potential injuries or loss of life increases if you neglect your fire alarm system.

A fire alarm system is essential to safeguard people’s lives and properties. Additionally, a defective or poorly maintained fire alarm system might have the same effect as none at all, raising the risk of a large, uncontrolled fire. We at Ezone are professionals in offering cutting-edge fire safety solutions whether you need the installation or upkeep of fire safety equipment at your site. Call us at 9848398483 Or visit www.ezonesecurity.com to protect your people and assets.

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